R.W.C.A Students Experience Very First Field Trip Of The 2019-2020 School Year!

On October 10th, Rhema Word Christian Academy’s elementary students kicked off the new school year by being first to attend the very first field trip of the ”2019 – 2020″ school year! The students visited Flamingo Gardens and the Everglades Wildlife Sanctuary in Davie, Florida. As part of the ongoing development program, students got an opportunity to plant seeds, interact with animals, and listen to an exciting story. Many of the students described the trip as very interesting and educational, however they were not the only ones who enjoyed themselves on this trip. The teachers who attended the field trip also thought it was fun and effective way to learn!

“It was educational; a must-have experience for my students, and overall, a phenomenal trip”

– Ms. Brown, 1st Grade Teacher

The students got to see lots of exciting animals such as: bobcats, crocodiles, iguanas, and exotic birds like peacocks, eagles, owls, and flamingos. They learned about different types of plants and seeds along with the germination process. The tour guides seemed to be extremely knowledgeable.

They were able to keep the audience engaged as they told the story about the animals that were apart of the Flamingo Gardens’ wildlife family, and how they got rescued.

Flamingo Garden in Davie, Florida
image_preview (1)
Rescued Bobcat at Everglades Wildlife Santuary

The organization rescues animals and serves as home to those that have been permanently injured and cannot go back to the wild. Our students were able to see a few of the animals that have now become residents of the sanctuary. One specific animal the students met was Josh, a black bear. When Josh first arrived at the sanctuary, he was given cake, candy, and other unhealthy foods to eat. This poor diet affected Josh’s health, forcing authorities to put him on a diet. Josh’s very first home at the sanctuary were a twenty by twenty exhibit,  but now he lives in an 8,000 sq. foot exhibit.

“The story time was a segment about the importance of taking care of nature, keeping children aware of their environment, and safekeeping our wildlife that God placed on the earth. There was also a story about a lion who struggled to find her way back home, but her paw was cut by soda cans along the road”.
– Ms. Smith 2nd Grade Teacher.
Students on the narrated tram tour while viewing the 50 acres in the back
Students on the tram tour

The trip included narrated tram tours of the Gardens’ 50 acres. During the tour, students saw the home of Floyd and Jane Wray, the founder and co -founder of Flamingo Gardens.

Overall the trip was a great and memorable experience for the students. Beyond all of its educational benefits, students learned the importance of maintaining a healthy environment that would be fit for both human and animals. The teachers also had a blast and enjoyed seeing students learn as well. It was great way for kids to learn as well. It was a great way for kids to learn about something outside of academics; all while having a great time!

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Students on their way to Flamingo Garden

– Samantha Choto

– Lenique Reid

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